Craig Persel

About Craig Persel

California native living in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. I am a researcher (traumatic brain injury) and photographer specializing in urban environment imagery.

Publications and Exhibitions:
Fremont Center for the Arts, Colorado, USA (Oct/Nov, 2008)
FILE Magazine (August, 2008; twice)
Immersion Graphique Magazine (July, 2008)
FILE Magazine (April, 2008)
Music Video (Bi-Weekly by Appaloosa, April, 2008)
F-Stop Magazine (April, 2008)
Everywhere Magazine (March, 2008)
FILE Magazine (December, 2007)
Flak Photo (November, 2007)
FILE Magazine (July, 2007)
JPG Magazine (June, 2007)
Mantua Arts Centre, Roscommon, Ireland (June, 2007)
Semaine de la Photo, Paris, France (May, 2007)
F-Stop Magazine (May, 2007)
SXSW Film and Media Festival (April, 2007)
FILE Magazine (April, 2007)
FILE Magazine (March, 2007)
Flak Photo (March, 2007)
F-Stop Magazine (March, 2007)
Musee de l'Elysee, Lusanne, Switzerland (February, 2007)
FILE Magazine (February, 2007)
BBC (February, 2007)
FILE Magazine (November, 2006)
F-Stop Magazine (November, 2006)
FILE Magazine (October, 2006)
DC Photo Magazine (August, 2006)


Other sites:
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