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Jacob's Ladder

Canon PowerShot SD300 1/15 second F/2.8 6 mm

Damon Schreiber from Toronto, Canada

I can't quite figure out this scene, but the mood is excellent and it looks like a ghost. Jacob Marley?

21 Mar 2007 2:34am

Peter F from paris, France

Hey, thanks for stopping by. I wanted to comment on the images on your landing page -- really striking! They go beyond the "clever composition" shots that you see so often, and that give you a little tickle, like, "the fact that I can appreciate this composition means I'm a photographer." Yours are actually fresh and jump beyond cleverness. The cone w/ engine, the bridge... several excellent ones. Also kudos on the site design there, where you call roll around with the mouse wheel.

21 Mar 2007 8:02am

ginger from Melbourne, Australia

phew.. that's quite a disturbing image for me.. very powerful. takes me back to images of the industrial revolution but then with the resonance of present day life... mmmmm

21 Mar 2007 10:50am

Nicolas from Paris, France

wow ! Strong one ! Nice atmosphere :)

21 Mar 2007 11:47am

Still from Valence, France

Awesome and ghostly. Superb worry atmosphere.

21 Mar 2007 12:48pm

Martine Lapointe from Québec, Canada

Wow! Very strange scene and atmosphere|

21 Mar 2007 2:02pm

Daniel from United States

Interesting image. I think there is a little too much going on here. THe eyes do not have a place to rest.

21 Mar 2007 3:02pm

@Daniel: I understand what you are saying and have gone "back and forth" myself as to either cropping or cloning out some items (or both). However, it may also be the case that it tells more of a story and creates additional mystery and interest with more elements. Hard to say at this point.

Chuck from Charlotte, NC, United States

I like it for exactly the reason Daniel doesn't. The image is startling and unexpected. The eye moves from the ghostly person to the rest of the image hunting for clues. Nothing definitive is found, adding even more to the mystery. It seems the person is in a robe. They shouldn't be in this place. They are descending, hesitantly. Fantastic image. One of my favorites of yours for sure.

21 Mar 2007 3:07pm

Art Monkey from Salt Spring Island, Canada

I love your work - very dreamlike!

21 Mar 2007 6:03pm

Chris Sullivan from Melbourne, Australia

This is unbelievable Craig, quite the haunting image - presents me with a sense of melancholia. Excellent, work man.

22 Mar 2007 12:08am

elaine from paris, France

wow! what a fantastic 190s film atmosphere here! I simply love it!

23 Mar 2007 11:55am

Craiger from Vacaville, California, United States

Very intriguing and what a dark mystery! It's kept me captivated for some time now! Road barriers and caution signs. The person could be a mental patient in an industrial setting. You've really got my imagination going with this one!!! Excellent!

23 Mar 2007 2:24pm

Alfredo J. Martiz J. from Tokyo, Japan

Nice shot Craig, I like the somehow dark feeling in this one!

26 Mar 2007 9:47am

Duncan Galbraith from kyoto, Japan

Its a cracker of a shot and its wonderfully titled. It certainly does possess that other worldly/dimension quality. The attire of the subject although blurry reminds me of my pajamas issued to me by the mental institution. only joking...or am I? I am i assure you (bangs head on desk in order to stop the voices). Very haunting.

28 Mar 2007 2:30pm

H.O from Victoria, Canada

Great work. very nice expression.

1 Apr 2007 2:51am

Canon PowerShot SD300
1/15 second
6 mm